Do you know the feeling of wanting to change things? Wanting to do something new and different? Challenge the status quo. Get out of the daily routine?

Well you are not alone, and together we can make this dream come true.

Whether you are an engineer, an investor, programmer, mathematician, doctor, taxi driver or WHATEVER we all share the same potential for innovation and vital renewal.

I join more and more people who simply get exhausted by doing the same job over and over again or working in an environment that doesn't allow or inspire you to do things differenly.

It's time to take control over your own life. Man, I sound like a life coach don't I? Well I am not a life coach. I don't coach I do. And if that involves sitting on my ass thinking until I know what to do, then so be it. It's only me who can change me. And it is only you who can change you.

What I suggest is the following. Set aside a few hours (or a lot more if you can) for entrepreneural activities every week and you get in touch with me so we can innovate together. Don't mind that word innovate it's an overused buzzword. Take it for what it is.

Come join me creating insanely great products. Together with our network and team we're creating new ideas, we fundrase we solve problems and we do market analysis. And YES! You are invited! No, you come this far: you are obliged to join ;-)

We interact with universities, private companies and anyone who has a great idea are fundraisers or experts with extraordinary skills.

Click on the contact button. It won't cost you anything, actually it might do the opposite...